St. Pete Beach is known for many things, but beautiful beaches with white sand and clear waters are number one. This Floridian city harnesses other great points like sustainability, amazing weather, a prospering economy, and an impressive real estate market. Even with all of these other accolades, a day enjoying aquatic activities can always be a good time.

Along this strip of the barrier island, you will find yourself among quite a few different ways to explore and enjoy the water. Here are the best ways to spend your time in St. Pete Beach.


People in canoes at Shell Key Preserve
Shell Key Preserve is the perfect option for when you wish to keep your activities exploratory and adventurous. The preserve is home to both water and wildlife. If you are a boater, you…

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Beautiful beaches and breezy nautical style define the captivating town of St. Petersburg, Florida. Also known as the Sunshine City, St. Petersburg enjoys balmy weather and unparalleled beach access. Luxurious art deco-inspired condominiums rise high into the sky, offering stunning views of the sparkling water surrounding this pretty town, while sprawling waterfront estates set the stage for elegant parties and a resort lifestyle.

As for things to do in St. Petersburg, opportunities abound. From spending time out on the water and biking the many scenic trails to exploring nearby islands and meandering through the weekly farmers’ market, St. Petersburg provides a bevy of outdoor activities. Soak up the lemony Florida sunshine and feel the caress of warm…

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A real estate market categorized by high demand and low supply is the perfect breeding ground for a bidding war. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a St Petersburg home, the process of a bidding war is one that is always more bearable when you are prepared for it. For sellers, being prepared to work with your realtor to analyze multiple offers and decide which one is best suited for you will make the process easier. Preparation is equally as important for buyers since they will need to make sure their finances and moving timeline have room to endure a bidding war.

Either party should be aware of what they're getting themselves into and maintain the ability to keep their overall end goals in mind. The pressure of putting in or accepting a bid has…

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St. Petersburg is known for its vibrant art scene and spectacular skyline views, as well as a stunning collection of waterfront estates and sleek art deco-style condos. The vintage glamor of the 1920s is on full display in the sophisticated architecture, while Old Florida’s wild beauty sparkles in the form of Gulf Coast waters, rugged dunes, and silky sand. 

St. Petersburg luxury homes are among the most celebrated on the market and offer luxe wellness amenities, magnificent vistas, and an elegant, resort atmosphere, making them the perfect stage for vacations. If you are in the market for a vacation home, St. Petersburg is an outstanding choice. Before you begin your search, however, there are a few key elements to consider. 

The first question is…

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Once referred to as an “artsy Shangri-La” by the New York Times, St. Petersburg is a stunning blend of Old Florida’s wild beauty and a sophisticated new urbanity rivaling Miami for glamor and drama. World-class museums and art galleries enhance the sense of culture while glistening waterways set the stage for an elegant, nautical way of life. This stylish flair makes St. Petersburg an ideal setting for luxe architecture and sumptuous design, and the market reflects a serious commitment to luxury. Waterfront estates here can make you feel like the candy-colored sky paints itself in pinks and purples just for you, while elegant penthouse apartments offer a slice of tropical heaven, towering above the sparkling city.       

Selling these luxury homes is a…

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The city of St. Petersburg Beach has a charm that is unforgettable, enchanting, and uniquely its own. From easy access to the Gulf of Mexico to the various options for local fun and entertainment, the city is a prime location for luxury living. Beaches and gorgeous waterfronts mix with the city-like skyline so that residents can have the best of both worlds.

Even with all the amazing qualities and amenities this city has, if you are considering relocating to St. Petersburg real estate, it is essential that you research in advance and make a well-informed decision about your upcoming move. Here are some things to consider as you decide whether or not a life in St. Petersburg is suitable for you.


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Artistic and chic, St. Petersburg, Florida, is a bastion of stylish architecture, luxe hotels, and world-class bistros. Known as the cultural center of Florida’s Gulf Coast, this cosmopolitan city houses renowned art museums and the famous Chihuly Collection. Stunning views of the water and skyline round out the long list of reasons why St. Petersburg is one of Florida’s most sophisticated and sought-after cities.

The St. Petersburg real estate market is competitive, with each new home outshining the last. Waterfront estates feature lush landscaping and luxurious wellness amenities, while sleek condos rise high into the jewel-tone sky, setting an extraordinary stage for sunset views and glittering nighttime stars. In this flawless market, sellers need…

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The real estate industry has been enjoying a strong sellers market as of late, which begs the question: is there a best or worst time to sell? While homes have been flying off the market with record speed over the last year, this has not rendered the question of seasonality null and void – not by a long shot, especially for luxury homes.

The luxury home market is unique and, while luxury properties are less affected by economic changes than the average single-family residence, this upscale market does still answer to a few industry rules. If you are considering putting your luxury home on the market, read on to learn how timing can affect your selling success – but first, let’s discuss why working with a real estate agent is the smartest move you can…

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As a homeowner, investing in real estate may not have crossed your mind. But investing in St. Petersburg real estate is a great way to build wealth and diversify your portfolio. Depending on the property, you may also be able to collect rent or even buy and sell properties on your own.

When you invest in real estate in St. Petersburg, you are buying a gorgeous piece of property that includes the land and the building. You can rent the property out or make changes and resell it for a profit.

No matter what, if you want to make money on your investment, you need to find a property with potential for your goals. So, follow this guide from The Salamone Group to make sure you’re making a sound decision that will ultimately pay off. Here are their top…

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Are you considering buying a second home in St. Petersburg but are not sure if it’s the right move? As one of the best places to live in America, St. Petersburg offers a thriving downtown area, beautiful weather, and endless boating and outdoor adventures. With plentiful opportunities all year round, St. Petersburg is a great city to invest in a second home.

Continue reading for The Salamone Group’s expert guide to finding out if buying a vacation home for sale in St. Petersburg is right for you.


Just like with a primary residence, the location of your second home is extremely important. When considering which St. Petersburg neighborhood best fits you and your family, do some research and look into what each neighborhood…

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